Gun Violence Policy Lab

Tulane's Gun Violence Policy Lab is a data-driven evaluation of gun violence interventions implemented in the New Orleans area. It connects with community partners to create an evaluation framework and assist programs in developing a data infrastructure for collection and reporting of key metrics. It collects secondary data from various sources to build a database to study factors that influence gun violence in New Orleans. This includes EMS data, 911 data, electronic police reports, hospital records, and other available data.​ With the data and information from program sources, the Gun Violence Policy Lab assess program impact through process and outcomes evaluation​ in accordance with the CDCs Framework for Program Evaluation in Public Health and publish reports on outcomes with recommendations for program success and capacity to scale up. It will provide annual evaluation reports to hold programs accountable, publicly share progress, and identify programs with potential for the greatest impact to reduce gun violence.​

In addition to program evaluation, the Gun Violence Policy Lab also examines risk and protective factors for involvement in gun violence. This includes collecting, synthesizing, and analyzing various data to develop data sets based on both victims and perpetrators of community gun violence in the City of New Orleans. This analysis will develop multi-level model of influences on community gun violence and identify potential points of intervention​ to inform policy, practice, and processes to reduce community gun violence and provide recommendations and resources for policymakers, researchers, community members, practitioners and advocates.​​