Junior Civic Safety Council

Logo for Junior Civic Safety Council

Youth violence prevention efforts must include the insight of young people - what they experience, what barriers they perceive, what opportunities would be helpful, and what action can create positive change. Including young people in creating and implementing programs and policies brings in authentic perspective and ensures equity across diverse communities. As part of our Center for Youth Equity, the Junior Civic Safety Council (JSCS) is a youth-led advisory board with the primary objective of mitigating and preventing interpersonal, community, and systemic violence in New Orleans. JSCS has been integral in the Enrichment 2 Empowerment program and other efforts of VPI as a whole.

Members of the JSCS

  • Advise CYE and VPI on projects to ensure we are representing the change they want to see in their city.
  • Create their own projects and help with events,
  • Develop both individual and community leadership skills.

Facilitators with experience in working with young people and community organizing support JSCS members and provide the tools and resources to create effective change.

Recognizing the value of our their time and commitments, JSCS members are paid for their participation in council activities.

For more information about JSCS, please reach out to Micaiah Lugo, Senior Program Manager.

New Orleans youth ages 12 years old - 24 years are welcome to participate. If interested, please complete the form below.

JCSC Member Application