Contribute to the Future of Violence Prevention


Each gift is vital to the VPI’s success and key to securing our future. Giving supports all aspects of programmatic initiatives while providing funds for student stipends, faculty support, ongoing operations and other urgent needs. Whether you give $50 or $50,000, every donation helps strengthen our foundation and advance our mission to address the critical and complex issue of violence.

Here are some examples of what your support would mean to the VPI:

  • $100,000 to fund innovative faculty translation and dissemination projects focused on ending violence in New Orleans, such as Dr. Denese Shervington’s “Compassionate Classrooms” training program that encourages young people to develop conflict resolution and prosocial life skills in order to reduce risk for violent behaviors 

  • $50,000 to fund 5 student interns with faculty engaged in community based violence prevention efforts, such as Social Work Dean Patrick Bordnick’s need for a community violence-focused intern to run an informational prevention booth at Elk Place Health Spot, a health services intervention at the high-traffic Elks Place bus stop 

  • $10,000 to fund community partner talks about their violence work for the Tulane community and members of the public 

In order to donate, please click the "Give Now" button below, select the "Other" option for who you would like to give to, enter "Violence Prevention Institute" into the text box immediately below, and then fill out the rest of the form as prompted. 

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