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Emily Harville, PhD

Specialty Areas:

perinatal health, life course epidemiology

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VPI Core Areas: #Intimate Partner Violence

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Dr. Emily Harville is a perinatal epidemiologist with interests in how pregnancy and reproduction relate to health throughout the life course, including the biological mechanisms by which health disparities are created. Some major projects she is working on include studying the relationship between cardiovascular and reproductive health in the Bogalusa Heart Study; effects of environmental and social risk factors on reproductive-aged women in the aftermath of the Gulf oil spill; and effects of disaster on pregnant and postpartum women. In this work she focuses on social influences on pregnancy health, including effects of life course, neighborhood, and intimate partner violence.


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Selected Research Grants

1R21ES031020-01                                         Harville (PI)                              04/18/2019-03/31/2021


Environmental Influences on Pregnancy Outcomes After Hurricane Michael

Grant amount: $407,572

The objective of this study is to examine effects of environmental (harmful algal 8 bloom, carbon monoxide) exposures and generally encountered disaster exposures (power outages, 9 storm damage) on pregnancy-related outcomes. The research project represents a three-pronged 27 innovative design- conceptually, by determining the potential cumulative risk of two integrated exposure 28 domains - environmental contaminants and traditional disaster; methodologically, by using Synthetic 29 Aperture Radar data to examine exposures to HAB during pregnancy in humans; and 3) translational, 30 by utilizing time sensitive disaster-related environmental health findings for frontline CME.


5R21HD087878-02                                         Harville (PI)                              09/01/2017-08/31/2019


Preterm Birth, Pre-Eclampsia, and the Exposome

Grant amount: $302,458

Our long-term goal is to identify causes of preterm birth and pre-eclampsia as well as the corresponding targets for intervention. The overall objective of this analysis is to characterize the blood exposome in cases and controls of a) spontaneous preterm birth, and b) pre-eclampsia. 


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