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Chrissy Guidry, DO

Specialty Areas:

Trauma Prevention, Intervention Evaluation

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VPI Core Areas: #Community Violence

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#Prevention Intervention


Dr. Chrissy Guidry, a Louisiana native, joined Tulane School of Medicine full-time faculty as Assistant Professor of Clinical Surgery in August 2017 as part of the department of Surgery, Trauma & Critical Care. Her areas of research interest include damage control resuscitation in severely


Selected Publications


  • Ayman A, Friedman J, Tatum D, Jones G, Guidry C, McGrew P, Schroll R, Harris C, Duchesne J. Taghavi S. The association of payer status and injury patterns in pediatric bicycle injuries. Journal of Surgery Research. 2020 Jun 12;254:398-407.3.

  • Taghavi S, Srivastav S, Tatum D, Smith A, Guidry C, McGrew P, Harris C, Schroll R, Duchesne J. Did the affordable care act reach penetrating trauma patients? Journal of Surgical Research 2020 Jun;250:112-118.4.

  • Taghavi S, Tatum D, Reza T, Smith A, McGrew P, Harris C, Guidry C, Schroll R, Duchesne J. Sex differences in the massively transfused trauma patient. Journal of Shock. 2020 Jun 9.5.

  • Taghavi S, Jones G, Duchesne J, McGrew P, Guidry C, Schroll R, Harris C, Jacome T, Tatum D. Impact of trauma center volume on major vascular injury: an analysis of the national trauma data bank (NTDB). American Journal of Surgery. 2020 Jan 25;S0002-9610(20)30037-4

  • Robinson LA, Turco LM, Robinson B, Corsa JG.., Guidry C, Outcomes in patients with gunshot wounds to the brain. Trauma Surg Acute Care Open. 2019 Nov 17;4(1):e000351. 

  • Smith A, Zucker S, Lladó-Farrulla M, Friedman J, Guidry C, McGrew P, Schroll R, McGinness C, Duchesne J. Bicycle lanes: Are we running in circles or cycling in the right direction? J Trauma Acute Care Surg. 2019 Jul;87(1):76-81.


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