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Stacy Drury, MD, PhD - Executive Director

Specialty Areas:

Neurodevelopment, Genetics, Parenting

VPI Core Areas

VPI Core Areas: #Child Maltreatment

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#Biological Medical


As a molecular geneticist and board certified child psychiatrist focused on the treatment of mental health issues in children exposed to trauma and violence, Dr. Drury has a unique perspective on the importance of research, particularly neuroscience and genetic research, as a critical tool to influence individual, community and policy related to the cross-domain impact of violence. Her research focuses on understanding how sensitive and responsive parenting can buffer young children from the lasting biological and psychological effects of violence and translate these findings into formats understandable by all groups in an effort to mitigate the impacts of violence across generations.


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Selected Publications:

Selected Research Grants

R01 HD093665-01                                         Taylor (PI)                              9/10/2018 – 6/30/2023
Longitudinal follow-up of brief parenting interventions to reduce risk of child physical maltreatment in a selected population.
Grant amount: $3,033,152
Our long-term goal is to reduce rates of corporal punishment and child physical maltreatment by strengthening the evidence base for brief, widely adaptable, and sustainable interventions deliverable in broad selected and universal populations. The objective is to test the sustained effects of two such interventions, Triple P-Level 2 and Play Nicely, and to examine how social contexts influence their adoption and sustained effects.
Co-Investigators: Drury and Fleckman


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