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Catherine McKinkely (formerly Burnette), PhD, LMSW

Specialty Areas:

Indigenous women and children, resilience, health disparities

VPI Core Areas

VPI Core Areas: #Intimate Partner Violence

Angles of Approach

#Prevention Intervention


Dr. Catherine McKinley's research focuses on understanding violence against Native American communities - especially women and children - and its prevention from an Indigenous perspective. Her work identifies culturally specific risk and protective factors from an ecosystemic framework of Historical Oppression, Resilience, and Transcendence, illuminating how structural causes are related to violence and associated health disparities. Dr. McKinley uses these factors to inform and adapt a culturally relevant, strengths-based approach to evidence-based prevention options for Indigenous communities.


Publications: Google Scholar or ResearchGate

Selected Publications:

Selected Research Grants

K12HD043451                       Krousel-Wood (PI)                    2017-2019
Tulane Building Interdisciplinary Research Careers in Women’s Health (BIRCWH) training program
Grant Amount: $509,024
The long-term goal of this program is to increase the number and diversity of highly trained culturally competent, independent, interdisciplinary investigators in Women's Health with an emphasis on Sex Differences research in the field of cardiovascular disease (CVD) and related diseases. 

5R01HD081179                      Campbell (PI)                      2016-2019
Impact of Culturally Specific Danger Assessment on Safety, Mental Health, and Empowerment
Grant Amount: $608,336
The goal of the proposed study is to develop and validate clinically useful, culturally specific versions of the Danger Assessment (DA) to assess risk for severe intimate partner violence among immigrant, refugee and indigenous women. Further, the study will evaluate the impact of administering the culturally specific DA with safety planning/referral tailored to the level of danger, women's preferences and culture in promoting women's empowerment, safety, and mental health. 
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