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Angela Breidenstine, PhD

Specialty Areas:

infant mental health assessment and intervention, mindfulness

VPI Core Areas

VPI Core Areas: #Child Maltreatment

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#Mental Health Psychological


Dr. Angela S. Breidenstine works as a psychologist with the Tulane Infant Team, where she provides evaluation and intervention services for maltreated infants, toddlers, biological parents, and foster parents. She also works with the Tulane Parenting Education Program (T-PEP), where she provides parenting interventions to families involved in the child welfare system. Angie is also a clinical psychologist and trainer with Tulane Infant Mental Health Services (TIMHS), a program that provides mental health evaluation and intervention services to low-income families with young children and offers trainings to local and statewide clinicians.


Publications: ResearchGate

Selected Publications


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