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Anastasia Gage, PhD

Specialty Areas:

maternal victimization, gender norms, adolescent health

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VPI Core Areas: #Intimate Partner Violence

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#Societal Structural


Dr. Anastasia Gage is a Professor in the Department of Global Community Health and Behavioral Sciences. Her current research focuses on women’s and adolescent health, particularly violence against women and child marriage, in low-income countries. Her work has examined dating violence perpetration, women’s experiences of domestic violence; power, control and sexual violence; and the linkages between maternal violence victimization and child physical punishment. She has been actively involved in implementing a school-based dating violence prevention curriculum in Haiti and in conducting research on gender norms.


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Selected Research Grant

OPP1159547                      Bertrand (PI)                      3/2017-2/2020
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
MOMENTUM: New Gender-transformative Integrated Model for First-time Parents in DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo). 
Grant Amount: $4,800,000
The goal of this project is to provide nursing students training in counseling first-time mothers aged 15-24 and the fathers of their babies on family planning, birth preparedness, newborn care, and gender-equitable attitudes.
Co-Principal Investigator and Project Director


Courses with violence related topics


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