TIPPS Participation


If you were previously involved as a participant in the Tulane Innovations in Positive Parenting Study (TIPPS) and would like to continue, please see information below.

With your help, TIPPS will:

  • Assess the benefits of select positive parenting programs
  • Inform policies that support parents and children

You might be a TIPPS mom if you:

  • Attended a WIC Clinic in the Greater New Orleans area from 2014 to 2018, when at least one of your children was 2 to7 years old.
  • Completed one to two interviews with our study team.

You have a new opportunity with TIPPS.

  • Complete another parenting interview.
  • Bring your child in to do some fun activities and games together.

Your participation matters.

  • Share your unique story.
  • Help other families through research.
  • Participate by phone or in person.

You will be compensated.

  • Receive up to $125 in gift cards.
  • Parking/transportation costs covered.
  • Childcare and snacks provided.

To schedule your next visit, contact our research team by emailing contact.TIPPS@gmail.com or calling or texting 504-383-5725.

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