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Patrick Bordnick, PhD, MPH, MSW

Specialty Areas:

Substance Abuse, Virtual Reality

VPI Core Areas

VPI Core Areas: #Community Violence

Angles of Approach

#Mental Health Psychological


Dr. Bordnick's research background is rooted in interdisciplinary collaborations, which draws upon public health, psychology, social work, pharmacology and medicine. ​​​​​​His current projects include: Virtual reality systems for assessing drug use triggers and craving, Virtual reality treatment software for nicotine dependence, Virtual reality programs for studying drug use contexts, and testing clinical teaching systems based on artificial intelligence platforms. He envisions a world where humans interact seamlessly with technology, to improve teaching, research, therapy, and aid in knowledge building. Since 1997, Dr. Bordnick has been funded as a Principal Investigator (PI) or Co-investigator on federal grants for heroin, obesity, nicotine, alcohol, HIV/STD, mental health, and cannabis use and abuse research.


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