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Kenney, PhD

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Sally J. Kenney, PhD

Specialty Areas:

the politics of gender-based violence, exclusionary policies

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VPI Core Areas: #Sexual Violence

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#Law Policy


Dr. Sally J. Kenney's research interests include sexual assault on campuses, women’s imprisonment, gender in the judicial system and feminist social movements. She teaches an undergraduate service learning course, The Politics of Rape, and a summer course for high school students on Dismantling Rape Culture. In the Fall of 2020, Dr. Kenney will offer an Honors Colloquium on Dismantling Rape Culture for first-year students. As the executive director of the Newcomb Institute, Dr. Kenney has played an active role in addressing sexual harassment and assault on campus. In Spring 2020, the Newcomb Institute hosted An Interdisciplinary Symposium on Sexual Violence. She served on the Tulane Sexual Assault Climate Taskforce and continues to chair the Provost’s Committee on Sexual Harassment. The Newcomb Institute is currently working to create an undergraduate certificate program in Gender-Based Violence.



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