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Center for Youth Equity

The Tulane University Violence Prevention Institute (VPI), in partnership with Brothers at Peace, the City of New Orleans Office of Gun Violence Prevention, Daughters Beyond Incarceration, the New Orleans Children and Youth Planning Board, the Institute of Women and Ethnic Studies, and University Medical Center, is working to establish a youth violence prevention research center within the VPI. This is the first CDC-funded Prevention Research Center in the Gulf South explicitly focused on youth violence prevention and one of only 5 in the United States.


The CYE is established as a culturally responsive youth violence prevention research center embedded within the ongoing community partnerships and existing infrastructure of the VPI to build and strengthen the network for youth violence prevention research and practice in New Orleans and across the Gulf South. Components of the CYE include a research core with two distinct research projects aimed at youth violence prevention; a training and education core including activities for students, faculty, community partners, and youth; and an outreach and dissemination core aimed at increasing translation of youth violence prevention related research to policy and practice.

The CYE is supported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).


Serve as a hub for innovative research, community-engaged outreach and translation, cutting-edge training, and youth violence and injury prevention education locally, nationally, and throughout the Gulf South region.


To advance the science and translation of youth violence prevention through research, training, and outreach.

Long Term Goal:

To apply our existing and successful team science approach to the prevention of youth violence by integrating dissemination and outreach, training, and research activity.



The VPI is hiring several new positions in support of the CYE:


Program Manager: The Program Manager for the CYE will be responsible for managing a hospital-initiated, community-integrated randomized controlled trial (RCT) aimed at reducing rates of youth gun violence. For more information and to apply, please visit: https://jobs.tulane.edu/position/IRC22333


Data Control Specialist: The Data Control Specialist will develop and maintain research survey and secondary databases for the Center for Youth Equity (CYE) at Tulane, analyze data and produce reports, aids in dissemination products as part of the CYE Outreach and Translation Core. For more information and to apply, please visit:



Program Coordinator: The Program Coordinator for the Center for Youth Equity at Tulane University (CYE) will be responsible for coordinating multiple aspects of CYE research projects including recruitment, data collection and management, data analysis and reporting, and collaboration with the Outreach and Translation Core of the CYE. For more information and to apply, please visit: https://jobs.tulane.edu/position/IRC22244


Community-Driven Research & Evaluation

Enrichment to Empowerment (E2E)

To implement and evaluate an enrichment and empowerment program to prevent and reduce exposure to violence among younger African American youth (10-17 years) through youth-led grassroots organizing and activism for social and structural change.

Preventing Youth Firearm Violence

To implement and evaluate a hospital-initiated, community-integrated practice-based approach in reducing gun violence among older youth (18-24 years).

Outreach & Translation

To translate the evidence-base for community youth violence prevention strategies into widespread outreach and dissemination efforts targeting community groups, youth-serving organizations, hospital systems, and policymakers.

Training & Education

To develop innovative educational and training opportunities for youth, professionals, and early career scholars, aimed at developing and strengthening a workforce aimed at preventing and reducing youth violence.