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Oct 20, 2020
Emily Woodruff - NOLA.com
Tulane University epidemiologist Maeve Wallace compared the geographic data from the March of Dimes' analysis of maternal care to the 112 maternal deaths in the state in 2016, the most recent data available. According to her findings, women in these "maternity care deserts" had a threefold higher risk for deaths directly related to the pregnancy, such as severe bleeding or preeclampsia, a dangerous complication involving high blood pressure.
Jul 18, 2020
Larry Stone - Seattle Times
Dr. Catherine McKinley, associate professor in the school of social work at Tulane University, has extensively researched issues surrounding Native Americans. She said there are countless studies demonstrating how different forms of racism and discrimination negatively affect mental and social health — a major problem in the Native American community. “Dehumanizing media images have really been used since the beginning of colonization to denigrate native groups,’’ McKinley said. “So this is just a continued form of historical oppression."
#Community Violence
Jun 26, 2020
Carolyn Scofield - Tulane News
Physical distancing, isolation and quarantine meausures designed to stop the spread of the virus could lead to an increase in family violence at home, according to a perspective in Pediatrics co-authored by Tulane University child psychiatrists. The stress of bad behavior along with financial, logistical and existential concerns are a recipe for angry outbursts, even verbal and physical abuse, said co-author Dr. Charles Zeanah
#Child Maltreatment
Feb 03, 2020
Emily Woodruff - Nola.com
A new article published by VPI faculty Dr. Maeve Wallace found that homicide by an intimate partner is a leading cause of death for pregnant and postpartum women in Louisiana. She says, "Maternal mortality reduction efforts should incorporate violence prevention strategies and recommendations to prevent future maternal deaths."
#Intimate Partner Violence #Societal Structural
Jan 30, 2020
Katie Small - Tulane News
The Newcomb Institute at Tulane University will host a daylong symposium on February 7, 2020 on sexual violence which will feature presentations by leading researchers and experts, including historians, lawyers and psychologists from universities around the country. Sally Kenney, VPI faculty member and director of the Newcomb Institute says, "We'll cover everything from the history and politics of rape to gender and race discrimination in criminal law doctrine. We look forward to engaging the broader Tulane community in seeking solutions to this critical issue.”
#Sexual Violence