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Oct 02, 2019
Amy Nankin - Tulane Hullabaloo
According to Alicia Czachowski, director of public health initiatives and assessment, the MENtality project is focused on prevention methods as a sexual violence initiative rather than response. “We really wanted to develop something ... to help create an environment where people can talk about masculinity and how it can be used in a positive way to help prevent sexual violence from occurring.” Czachowski said.
#Sexual Violence
Oct 01, 2019
Alex Ates - American Theatre
A collaboration between professional artists and 11 Tulane students, 'Roleplay' explores student's experiences with love, sex, power, and consent. Tania Tetlow, a former Tulane administrator who ran the Tulane Law School Domestic Violence Clinic said about the play, "The depth of characters built empathy for those experiencing sexual assault; it also built understanding of how easily students can violate their own values and commit sexual assault. That empathy is critical for prevention efforts."
#Intimate Partner Violence #Sexual Violence #Teen Dating Violence
Sep 12, 2019
Deeya Patel - Tulane Hullabaloo
Dan Tillapaugh presented the results of a follow up survey to the Tulane climate survey of sexual violence and harassment, originally conducted in 2017. Data was collected through in-depth interviews with students and faculty to gain a deeper understanding of the context behind the higher rates of sexual violence and harassment reported by LBTQ+ students. Tillapaugh said, “In particular with LGBTQ+ students, 33% reported being a victim of an attempted rape, and 31% reported being raped by a sexually violent perpatrator. I think it’s important to understand that’s pretty significant.”
#Sexual Violence
Jan 23, 2019
Kila Moore - Tulane Hullabaloo
On Tuesday, Jan. 22, USG unanimously passed a resolution to submit a comment on behalf of the organization to the U.S. Department of Education on the proposed Title IX regulations. The comment, according to the resolution, would allow USG to voice its concerns about the new regulations’ affect on Tulane students as well as students at other universities.
#Sexual Violence #Law Policy #Societal Structural