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Jul 09, 2018
Rob Krieger - Fox 8
Researchers have found the amount of violence in a neighborhood can directly impact a child biologically, so much so, that the rate of violence directly correlates to the length of telomeres at the end of a child’s chromosomes. “We have evidence that there are changes in the actual DNA in the cells within each child. We have evidence that it changes how children's stress response systems work,” said Stacy Drury, the Associate Director of the Tulane Brain Institute.
#Child Maltreatment #Community Violence #Biological Medical #Mental Health Psychological #Prevention Intervention
Jul 03, 2018
Charles H. Zeanah and Carole Shauffer - Houston Chronicle
Officials defend immigration-related detention facilities in Texas saying that shelters provide nutrition, hygiene and medical care. This isn’t enough. Children need consistent and individualized care from loving adults. Deprived of these experiences, a young child’s development is derailed.
#Child Maltreatment #Community Violence #Mental Health Psychological
Jun 29, 2018
Carolyn Scofield - Tulane News
Dr. Cathy Taylor led a research team that surveyed pediatricians around the country and found 75% of children’s doctors don’t think spanking is an effective form of discipline and could do more harm than good.
#Child Maltreatment #Prevention Intervention
May 08, 2018
Emily Szklarski - Tulane News
NOLA LEADs includes a series of six trainings held over three months that focused on helping people develop the skills and knowledge needed to advocate for changes in structural conditions that contribute to health disparities. Much of the program was modeled after the Louisiana Community Health Worker Institute, a program founded and directed by Ashley Wennerstrom (NOLA LEADs co-investigator).
#Community Violence #Societal Structural
May 03, 2018
Stephanie Grace - The Advocate
“Opposition to domestic violence is not controversial, but it’s usually not a front burner issue. It has potential, however, to cut across partisan lines because it invokes family values and ending violent crime. Helena was very good at finding way to appeal to common values,” said Tania Tetlow, a Tulane University law professor and expert in domestic violence laws.
#Intimate Partner Violence #Law Policy