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Apr 03, 2019
Nile Pierre - Tulane Hullabaloo
Gretchen Clum of the School of Public Health has been working on numerous projects focused on sexual violence. She evaluated the impact of the 2016 Reading project book “Asking for It: The Alarming Rise of Rape Culture—and What We Can Do About It” by Kate Harding. “Preliminary results suggest that beliefs in rape myths, which we know are associated with blaming sexual assault survivors, and perpetrating of sexual violence, were reduced after reading the book,” Clum said.
#Sexual Violence #Prevention Intervention #Societal Structural
Mar 08, 2019
Wilborn P. Nobles III - The Times-Picayune
The impact of trauma in the lives of New Orleans students has been shown to alter a child’s brain development and other bodily systems, making it difficult for them to learn. In response, the Orleans Parish school board is working to improve support for traumatized students in public schools. Tulane University psychology professor Stacy Overstreet commented that 67 percent of children nationwide have been exposed to an adverse childhood experience.
#Community Violence #Mental Health Psychological #Societal Structural
Feb 14, 2019
Anna Gorman - Kaiser Health News
Public health officials grappling with record-high syphilis rates around the nation have pinpointed what appears to be a major risk factor: drug use. Research has shown that people who use drugs are more likely to engage in unsafe sexual behaviors, which put them at higher risk for sexually transmitted diseases. "The addiction takes over," said Dr. Patty Kissinger, an epidemiology professor at the Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine.
#Community Violence #Sexual Violence #Prevention Intervention #Societal Structural
Jan 24, 2019
All In Newsletter
Dr. Aubrey Madkour gives an overview of her research career examining predictors and consequences of early sexual initiation among adolescents; determinants of longitudinal trajectories of dating violence between adolescence and early adulthood; adolescents’ perceptions of dating violence definitions and etiology; and most recently, causes of substance use behaviors in early adulthood.
#Sexual Violence #Teen Dating Violence #Prevention Intervention
Nov 29, 2018
Tulane All-In Newsletter
Dr. Gretchen Clum reflects on her history as a public health researcher from studying the effect of sex abuse on HIV treatment adherence to mindfulness training and analyzing the data from Tulane's sexual misconduct climate survey. Her current projects include looking at the impact of police raids on the health and wellbeing of female sex workers and teaching the “Public Health Approaches to Sexual Violence” undergraduate course.
#Sexual Violence #Prevention Intervention