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Dec 03, 2019
Shreeya Agarwal - The Diamondback
Dr. Charles Zeanah comments on the conditions of Romanian orphanages in the early 2000's when the Bucharest Early Intervention Project began. Dr. Zeanah and researchers at Harvard and the University of Maryland are studying the outcomes of institutionalized children who were placed in foster homes by researchers early on in their lives to children who remained in institutional care. They are beginning the seventh round of follow-up as the children are turning 21.
#Child Maltreatment #Prevention Intervention
Nov 04, 2019
Acadiana Lifestyle - Patrice Doucet
Dr. Mary Margaret Gleason, a VPI faculty member in the Tulane School of Medicine, will be presenting on identifying children at risk of developing mental health problems and helping participants recognize the early warning symptoms. She says, "Early intervention is most accurate for children with early onset symptoms. 'The earlier the intervention the better, because of the rapid brain development,' she advises. 'However, intervention can also be effective later when many symptoms don’t develop until school age or adolescence.'”
#Mental Health Psychological
Jul 01, 2019
Barri Bronston - Tulane News
Dr. Sarah Gray will study the effectiveness of Mom Power, an existing evidence-based intervention that aims to mitigate the negative impacts of trauma on physical and mental health across generations. This four-year grant from the National Institute of Mental Health will bring the family-focused project to two New Orleans area Head Start centers - Educare and Kingsley House. Gray and her team will collaborate with two VPI faculty, Dr. Stacy Drury and Dr. Charles Zeanah.
#Child Maltreatment #Mental Health Psychological
Apr 26, 2019
Katherine P. Theall and Phyllis Hutton Raabe - The Advocate
There are many good health, caregiving, and economic security reasons to endorse the current proposal for paid family leave insurance in Louisiana–Senate Bill 186–as it could greatly benefit women, men, children, families and employers. One important reason is to promote maternal health. About 80% of American women have at least one child, and after giving birth, it is clear that mothers need time for physical recovery, bonding with newborns and emotional health. Since most mothers are employed, it is important for maternity leave to exist — and be paid.
#Community Violence #Law Policy #Prevention Intervention #Societal Structural
Apr 17, 2019
Barri Bronston - Tulane News
Dr. Sarah Gray, an assistant professor of psychology at Tulane University, is one of five recipients of a prestigious Early Career Award from the Society for Research in Child Development (SRCD). Dr. Gray studies mental health and physiological consequences of exposure to early life stress and trauma, especially in underserved children and their caregivers.
#Child Maltreatment #Mental Health Psychological