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Current Issue

November/December 2020 - Introducing: Pincus Scholars

Past Issues

October 2020 - Networking With VPI

September 2020 - COVID-19 & Intimate Partner Violence

August 2020 - Program Manager Update: Goodbye Kate, Hello Tim

June 2020 - Special VPI Statement, New Leadership Team, Dr. Taylor's Goodbye Note

May 2020 - Funding for Women's Prison Project, Dr McKinley's New Publication, New Doctoral Students

April 2020 - VPI Faculty Respond to Covid-19 Pandemic

March 2020 - Publications by Dr.'s Madkour and Taghvai, Women's Prison Project Donation

February 2020  - New Publications by Dr.'s Wallace and Theall, New Funding for Dr. Constans

January 2020  - Faculty Projects by Dr. Drury, Professors Mattes and Kondkar, and Dr. Bordnick

December 2019 - Publication by Dr. McKinley & Presentation by Dr. Shervington

November 2019 - Three New Faculty Publications by Dr.'s Saltzman, Constans and Francois

October 2019 - Featuring New Faculty Publications by Dr.'s Lewis, Madkour, Wallace and Theall

September 2019 - New Scholarship Program Manager - Hannah Gilbert

August 2019 - New Violence Prevention Scholarship Program

July 2019 - Goodbye Alex, Welcome Kate