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Faculty in Focus

Faculty In Focus

Click the names below to learn about the projects these faculty are working on right now as researchers and community allies making a difference in the world of human health and public safety.

Five-Parish Neighborhood Safety Project

Samantha Francois is asking how we can make communities safer. She is going into neighborhoods across five Louisiana parishes and asking crucial questions to gauge residents' perceptions of local agencies, like the police and criminal justice courts, around ensuring public safety. Read more

Community Stress Relief Curriculum

Marva Lewis has done something very exciting. She recently co-developed a 4-module community stress relief curriculum called "The Ubuntu Program for Emotional Wellness" that uses resilience-building practices like collective storytelling in order to relieve some of the chronic stress in African American communities that is due to the legacies of the historical trauma of slavery. Read more.

Pregnancy-Associated Homicide Study

Maeve Wallace has a really cool project in the works. She wants to conduct a study on the homicide of women during pregnancy or within the first year after the end of pregnancy. With this project, she will be examining neighborhood predictors of this kind of homicide, like current and historical deprivation of resources and health-promoting infrastructure in racially- and socioeconomically-segregated areas. Read more.

Community Violence & Biological Stress Research

Kat Theall is on the edge of something great. Expanding on her previous research on the impact of neighborhood and interpersonal violence on women and children’s health, she is now researching the salient role of interpersonal and community-level stress, its link to negative health trajectories, and improving the spaces where we live, work, and play as a way to achieve greater health equity. Read more.